When we started talking to key stakeholders in early 2017 it became clear to us that there was a need to provide a meeting point for the DTx ecosystem.   Fast forward 18 months and we are gearing up to welcome 165 (and counting) people to DTxDM East taking place this September in Boston, MA.

The attendee list reads like the who’s who of the DTx industry.  It is fascinating to see how the audience has developed since DTxDM West in San Jose this February.  Not only has the audience grown, the range of companies represented has increased with greater representation from Big Pharma, Investors and Tech companies joining the large contingent of DTx companies.

Business conferences have the potential to advance the conversation, which is particularly important in a new and dynamic industry.  I’m sure we all have memories of wandering around a vast exhibition hall wondering who to talk to – or even worse, peering intently at a name badge trying to see who the wearer is!  I have to be honest, with my short-sightedness I had to almost get up close and personal just to find out who someone was.  Equally, have you ever come away from an event with a fist-full of business cards, but no real context to continue the conversation off-site?  What is the value of this?

The beauty of the DTx summits is that they are large enough to create opportunities – but not so big that you can’t have meaningful conversations.  Even as we grow, we are determined to ensure that there is plenty of opportunities for you to not only learn – but also to connect.

Which brings me to preparation.  You’ve committed to spending 2 days out of the office, so why not commit to making the most of those 2 days?  As a seasoned conference attendee, here are my tips for making the most of your time at the Battery Wharf Hotel:

Go over the programme in advance and highlight the sessions you are really interested in.  This will focus the mind.

Where are the gaps in your knowledge?  Write these down – you have the opportunity to ask questions to expert panels.

Refine your elevator pitch.  You might find yourself in front of an investor/partner/prospect.  What do you say when they ask ‘what do you do….?’

Have a plan to advance the conversation with people off-site.  e.g. diarise a time to call them.

Take time to speak with the sponsor companies – they may have something you need!  There is no hard sell – after all, they only want to work with companies they can genuinely help.

Attend everything!  Don’t miss the lunch, refreshment breaks or the drinks reception – it is where the real business connections happen.

Leave the office alone for 2 days.  If you really have to, check emails at the end of each day.  Nothing is so urgent that it cannot wait a few hours.   Think about it, if you’ve buried your head in your laptop/tablet/cell over lunch you are missing the opportunity to actually talk to people.

Utilise the services of the on-site team from Grey Green Media.  They are ready and willing to help you with introductions.

Have fun!  It is not all work, work, work.  Weather permitting we are hosting lunch in the grounds of the hotel each day.  Relax, reflect and enjoy the moment with your new-found colleagues (and/or reconnect with existing ones).

We are really looking forward to the summit in Boston and can’t wait to meet you there!

Tony Lloyd


Grey Green Media Ltd – Producers of the DTx series.