The DTx Series

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About Us
At GreyGreen, we are obsessed with providing exceptional business intelligence to the life sciences community. The cornerstone of this obsession is our events – places where our clients learn, discover and collaborate.

All great events start with an initial idea, but are only as good as the quality of research underpinning it. That’s why, before an agenda is even considered, we will spend 4 times longer than the industry average speaking to the market, qualifying the idea, and making sure the valuable time our clients’ spend with us is put to the best use.

DTx started in early 2017 with the working title ‘beyond the pill’. As our team researched with the pioneers in this emerging sector, what became apparent was their thirst for a forum where the leaders could meet and start to map the future of digital therapeutics.

The inaugural DTx summit took place in San Jose, CA in early 2018. This sell-out event was notable for the willingness of the speakers and panelists to openly share critical information with the audience.

Those of us who were there in San Jose knew we were witnessing the birth of a transformational industry, one with the power to change so many lives. As such, it was decided that waiting 12 months for the next opportunity to come together was almost certainly 6 months too long.

Therefore, DTx was born. The hub, together with the events offer a place where the community can interact online as well as in person.

The story doesn’t end there.  DTx is for everyone working in digital therapeutics, we’re on the journey together!

DTx, with the support of our founding partners and sponsors, will continue to develop world-class events, critical content and opportunities to come together. Everything we do is designed to meet the needs of the companies and people we are proud to serve.

next event in series

DTx East, Boston. US.

September 24 – 26th 2019
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